Virtual Tenants Clinic

VID conducts a virtual Tenants Clinic every Wednesday evening at 6:00 PM. This year the Tenants Clinic has switched to online and telephone sessions.

Virtual Tenants Clinic-GV BuildingsCovid-19 has exacerbated the confusion and uncertainty of tenants with eviction, repairs, leases, and other housing issues.  To make their lives easier, the volunteer attorneys at our virtual tenants clinics are now providing their services online and by telephone.  The Clinic’s attorneys can educate tenants on their rights, resources that are available to them, and navigating the court system.  The Clinic doesn’t provide legal representation, but it can help tenants determine if they should engage an attorney.  Sessions generally run for 15 minutes per client.  For information or to set up an appointment, it’s best to email  Or leave a message at 212-741-2994.



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