2023 VID Officers

OFFICERS (who also serve of Executive Committee)

President – Jonathan Geballe

Vice Presidents – Melissa Carty, Caroline Donahue, Sara Kimbell

Treasurer – Irene Kaufman

Recording Secretary – Kathy Slawinski

Corresponding Secretaries – Ed Yutkowitz and David Siffert

Former Co-Presidents Mar Fitzgerald and Cameron Krause serve on Executive Committee as provided by the VID Constitution.

Tony Hoffmann was appointed Chair of the Campaign Committee, and serves on Executive Committee in that role.


Keen Berger
Ritu Chattree
Susan Gottesman
Nadine Hoffmann
Judith Jacobson
Linda Jacobson
Nathaniel Johnson
Patricia Laraia
Livvie Mann
Hon. Karla Moskowitz
Alec Pruchnicki
Lois Rakoff
Daniel Roskoff
Anna Theofilopoulou
Hon. James Yates