VID Spring 2023 Endorsements

VID 2023 City Council Endorsements

Erik Bottcher, endorsed for City Council District 3 and Carlina Rivera endorsed for City Council District 2

On Thursday, February 9th members participated in the VID Spring 2023 endorsements conducting interviews with 13 candidates running in the June Primary: three running  for new City Council Districts; two running in the 66th AD as District Leaders; eight running for Civil Court Judgeships.  There were also endorsements for 13 Judicial Delegates and Alternates.

You can see the full candidates list here.

And, here are the results of the VID Spring 2023 endorsements:

District Leaders, 66th AD – Jen Hoppe, Arthur Schwartz

City Council District 3 – Erik Bottcher
City Council District 2 – Carlina Rivera

Civil Court – 1st District – Lauren Esposito
Civil Court – 3rd District – Andrea Krugman
Civil Court – Countywide – Dana Catanzaro

Judicial Delegate:
The number of positions to be filled by VID TBD
Patricia Laraia
Melissa Carty
Jonathan Geballe
Karla Moskowitz
David Siffert
Rick Braun
Daniel Palmisano
Kathy Slawinski
Linda Jacobson
Judith Jacobson
Ed Yutkowitz
Lois Rakoff
David Saperstein

Don’t forget VID’s Petitioning Breakfast on Saturday Mar. 4, 2023, 10:00 AM to 12:00N.  Meet our endorsed candidates, enjoy Murray’s bagels and cream cheese, and pick up your petitions at VID’s Clubhouse, 26 Perry St., Lower Level.

Petitioning for 2023 Primary will last until April 1, 2023.  


Tony Hoffmann, Chair, Campaign Committee

Daniel Palmisano, Chair , County Committee