VID Endorsements for District Leader, Judicial Delegates and Alternates

VID Endorsements

Keen Berger and Jonathan Geballe, endorsed candidates for Female and Male District Leader, NYS 66th AD, Part A

VID Endorsements

On Thursday, March 15, 2013, the Village Independent Democrats voted to endorse Keen Berger and Jonathan Geballe for 66th Assembly District Leaders, Part A (Female & Male) for the 2013 Democratic Primary.  Keen Berger, the incumbent for 66th AD (Female) was unopposed.  Jonathan Geballe, who had been previously elected by the County Committee to complete the remainder of the term vacated by State Senator Brad Hoyman, was endorsed for the 66th AD (Male) post.

VID also elected the following persons to fill the role of Judicial Delegate or Alternate Judicial Delegate, as needed, representing VID:

Judicial Delegates

Peter Crosta
David Kruger
Nat Johnson

Alternate Judicial Delegates

Nadine Hoffmann
Marti Speranza
Georgina Christ
Maia Gottesfeld