Postcarding and Texting

Village Democrats Do Postcarding and Texting, Together

Census TextingOn Thursday, April 23rd, VID will be postcarding and texting “together” from 6pm-8pm.  If you want to hang out with us virtually while you work, we will be on Zoom.  Contact David Siffert for the link to the meeting. 

If you want to textbank, please click here and sign up for the 6pm-8pm shift.  We will be texting to remind New Yorkers to fill out their Census form.

There are also other shifts available if you can’t make it tonight.  You can choose from the link above.

VID will also be postcarding for Tricia Zunker, who is running for US Congress in a special election in Wisconsin on May 12.  If you are postcarding, remember: (1) stay positive; (2) nothing about Trump; (3) incorporate the three points from the Script you will receive!

PostcardsTo get addresses and scripts, text JOIN to 484-275-2229 and follow the instructions (which will include filling out a sample postcard and sending it in).  Their website has a number of other options to join.  If for some reason you cannot get this to work and want to participate, let David know, and he will get you addresses and a script.

To get postcards, you can purchase them at stores or online here:  If for some reason you cannot get postcards yourself, we have some available to pick up, from one location in the West Village and one location in the East Village.  Please let David know, and he will give you instructions to pick up postcards.

To buy stamps, you can go the post office or order online here:  This is a REALLY good time to buy stamps, as the Postal Service needs our help!  If you can’t get stamps in time for the event, you can always stamp the postcards after!