VID Supports Petition for Rockaways Emergency Housing

Rockaway Emergency Housing

Plea for immediate Emergency Housing in the Rockaways

At ViD’s December 13th general membership meeting the membership voted to put VID’s name on a petition that that urges FEMA to immediately dispatch Rockaways emergency housing.

As of Monday, December 12th there were still 29,000 people without power. Most of these people have gone for over three weeks without power, water and heat. Night time temperatures in the Rockaways have been freezing and many areas suffer from poor sanitation.


This petition to immediately dispatch Rockaways emergency housing will be delivered to the following government officials.

Michael Bloomberg, New York City Mayor
Chris Tuttle, New York Emergency Operations Center Coordinator
Jessica Smith, Director of the Office of External Affairs at FEMA
Andrew Cuomo, NY State Governor
Joe Addabbo, New York State Senator
Shaun Donovan, Secretary of U.S. Dept of Housing and Urban Development
Assemblyman Phil Goldfeder
State Senator Malcolm Smith
City Councilman James Sanders

If you want to read the entire petition, or sign it, please go to: