VID Votes to Oppose NYS Constitutional Convention

Though the NYS Constitutional Convention Referendum Enjoyed Much Debate at the September 14 Meeting, VID Votes No

NYS Constitutional ConventionAt its general meeting on September 14, Village Independent Democrats voted overwhelmingly to oppose holding a NYS Constitutional Convention in 2018. See the full minutes here

The proposition to hold a convention will be on the ballot in the New York State election that will be held this November 7.  The convention would be design to review and revise the state’s current constitution. 

The club voted after hearing a pro-convention speaker from an organization called the New York Peoples Convention and an anti-convention speaker from the Legal Aid Society.
The club fears that a NYS Constitutional Convention could be dominated by powerful right-wing interests which could eliminate the current constitution’s protection of the environment and the needy, public education, and even workers’ pensions. 
As Club President Erik Coler put it, “The dangers are too great, and the rewards too nebulous, for reasonable people to support this proposition.  We as a club will do all we can to defeat it.”