Mrs. Green’s

Mrs Green'sVID Joins Sen. Hoylman, Assembly Deborah Glick and Councilmember Corey Johnson in plea to Mrs. Green’s

Back in July Hoylman, Glick and Johnson addressed corporate management for the new Mrs. Green’s store at 585 Hudson alarmed by the firm’s history of intimidation toward workers who attempted to organize for fair wages.  You can see their letter here.

Village Independent Democrats have added their voice with a resolution:

WHEREAS, the company Mrs. Green’s has advertised that it is securing a new location at 585 Hudson Street to open another food market; and

WHEREAS, our community welcomes another local purveyor of organic and fresh produce; but there have been reports in the media that Mrs. Green’s has been in violation of federal labor law in responding to attempts by its employees in Westchester to unionize; and

WHEREAS, the rights of employees to form or join unions free from retaliation and intimidation has been legally established, and any attempt by Mrs. Green’s and its parent company to violate the free rights of its employees rights to organize is troubling; and

WHEREAS, it is of immediate concern that a business which reportedly has a history of violating its employees’ federal rights intends to locate its market in our community;

THEREFORE, the Village Independent Democrats urges Mrs. Green’s to ensure that all its employees are provided a working environment free of intimidation and one which allows those workers the right to organize if they are so inclined.?