Endorsements 2021

VID endorses candidates and ballot proposals in all national, state, and local elections. In accordance with our Constitution, a candidate or ballot proposal must receive a majority vote in order to receive a VID endorsement. 

Members assume voting privileges after 90 days of membership in good standing. Dues for renewal of membership shall be payable as of the date of expiration of the membership period, except that a member shall be allowed 30 days for such payment, and that during these 30 days the member remains in good standing.

A member in default of dues for one year or less may cure this default by paying both overdue and current dues, and on such payment, the member shall regain all rights and privileges of membership.

The 2021 Candidate Questionnaire

Endorsements 2021 Calendar:

December 10, 2020 – At our December General Membership Meeting, VID heard from candidates in City Council Districts 1, 2, and 3, and we endorsed in all three races.  Click the names below to see responses to the VID Questionnaire:

Council District 1:

Christopher Marte – VID Endorsed

Council District 2:

Carlina Rivera – VID Endorsed

Council District 3:

Erik BottcherVID Endorsed


December 13, 2020  co-hosted virtual Lower Manhattan District Attorney Forum on Sunday, December 13th, at 2pm. VID’s voted No Endorsement in the Manhattan District Attorney race for now. The club will revisit an endorsement in the coming months.

Click the names below to see candidate responses to the VID Questionnaire:

Manhattan District Attorney Candidates

Alvin Bragg  VID Endorsed


January 10th, 2021, at 2pm, we co-hosted a virtual Lower Manhattan Comptroller and Borough President Candidates Forum, but we did not be endorsing on that date. 

NYC Comptroller Candidates

Brad Lander  – VID Endorsed

Manhattan Borough President Candidates

Brad HoylmanVID Endorsed


January 14 th. 2021 – At our January General Membership Meeting on Thursday, January 14th, at 6:30pm, endorsed Comptroller and Borough President Candidates above. 

February 6th – Saturday, Feb. 6th 12:00N: VID Public Advocate Candidate Forum Join Here

Jumaane Williams – VID Endorsed


February 6th, 2021 – Saturday, Feb 6th at 3:30pm VID Endorsing for District Attorney & Public Advocate.  VID members can remain on the Zoom to vote in the endorsement session.

February 7th, 2021 – On Sunday, February 7th, at 2pm, VID co-hosting a Downtown Clubs Mayoral Candidates Forum Register.  And again VID will not be endorsing on that date.

Mayoral Candidates
Maya Wiley – VID-Endorsed


February 11th, 2021 – February General Membership Meeting on Thursday, February 11th, at 6:30pm, we will be endorsing for Mayor, District Leaders, Civil Court Judge, Judicial Delegates, and Alternate Judicial Delegate Candidates. Virtual link TBA.


District Leader Candidates

Female District Leader:  Jennifer Hoppe – VID Endorsed
Male District Leader:  No Endorsement 

Civil Court Judge Candidates

Kim Parker – County Wide  VID Endorsed
Eugene Deronn Bowen – County-Wide – VID Endorsed (but since withdrawn)

Christopher Chin – District 2  VID Endorsed

Judicial Delegates & Alternates

Rick Braun – Delegate
Lauren Esposito – Delegate
Linda Jacobson – Delegate
Irene Kaufman – Delegate
Karla Moskowitz – Delegate

Cristy Dwyer – Alternate
Judith Jacobson – Alternate
Ann Kjelberg – Alternate
Daniel Palmisano – Alternate
Ed Yutkowitz – Alternate