Environment Committee


Nov 2, 2013 Rally

For many years VID has spearheaded action on the environment.  

The Committee Chair, Nat Johnson, Anne Heaney, and long-time VID member Frieda Bradlow have followed the issues of Fracking, Nuclear Power Plants and most recently the Algonquin Pipeline.  Other panels and forums have addressed construction along the Hudson River Water Front and Environmental Impact Studies on the Hudson River.

Use the search bar to find summaries of panel discussions, forums on topics as “Spectra Pipeline,” “gas pipeline infrastructure,” “climate justice.” 

Are you interested in joining the Committee?  Do you have a question?  Send your message HERE.

The Environment Committee has set the following as their agenda items

  1. Sustainable Energy
  2. Curbside Collection of Organic Waste for Composting
  3. Closing Indian Point Nuclear Plant
  4. Hazardous Pipelines
  5. Noise Pollution
  6. Plastic Bag and Styrofoam Elimination From Our Waste Stream 

If you would like to attend their next meeting, send your message HERE.

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