V.I.D. Notable Dates for Events to Election Day – Nov 2

(Items in bold are for compaigning for Democratic ticket.) October 2 – One Nation March/Wash. D.C. (endorsed by V.I.D.) October 5 – CB2 Public Hearing on proposed major gas pipeline from N.J. to Gansevoort at PS 41, 106 W. 11th St., 6:30 pm. October 9 – Abingdon Sq/campaigning 9:30 am to noon – call to help: Patrick Mahon, 917-554-5420/email: villager13@aol.com. October 14 – VID General Membership 7:30 pm (location TBD) October 16 – VID Street Fair/Greenwich Ave 11 am to 6 pm. October 23 – Abingdon Sq/Campaigning 9:30 am to noon – call to help: Patrick Mahon, 917-554-5420/email:villager13@aol.com. October 28 – […]

V.I.D. General Meeting, August 12, 2010

VID general meeting will be held on August 12, 2010 at 7:30 at Greenwich House at 27 Barrow Street & 7th Avenue, 4th floor. The agenda will include one of the VID elected candidates running in the September Primaries, the election of a new Club President to replace William Stricklin who is on an extended work leave, and reports from our District leaders.