Get On A Bus, PLEASE – Vote Blue 2018

As a founding member of Vote Blue 2018 VID will be campaigning for Antonio Delgado this Saturday, September 15, and for  other congressional candidates on the following Saturdays.

The Vote Blue 2018 buses start on Saturday, September 15th, just after the New York Primary Election.  They will leave from Union Square East at 8:30 am (loading starts at 8:00 am) and return to the same location between 7 and 8:00 pm. Seats are available for a round-trip fee of $10 that is waived for students with a valid ID or for economic hardship. We don’t want to turn anyone away, but rather to encourage everyone to participate, again and again, in this vital civic process.

Below is the schedule for the first buses. Beginning September 15th and continuing through Election Day, November 6th, we will have two or three buses running on Saturdays and GOTV days to different districts located within an approximate two-hour radius of New York City. The bus destinations are based on demand and the importance of the races to the overall strategy of taking back Democratic control of the House, securing a viable Democratic majority in the New York State Senate, and winning up and down the ticket. We aim to pair congressional and state senate districts wherever possible, though the below lists congressional districts only:

Vote Blue 2018_Antonio Delgado NY-19Sept. 15 NY-19 

Vote Blue 2018_Susan Wild PA-07
Sept. 22 PA-07 

Vote Blue 2018_Liuba Grechen Shirley NY-2
Sept. 29 NY-02 

Vote Blue 2018_Andy Kim NJ-03

Below is VID’s custom registration link for September 15:
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