VID Takes to the Streets (or Avenue)


VID Takes to the Streets_web

Celia Wu, Frieda Bradlow and Georgina Christ shown here. Other members manning the table included Ellen Peterson, Katharine Wolpe, Alec Pruchnicki, Deley Gazinelli, Nadine Hoffmann, and Tony Hoffmann

If you were strolling along Greenwich Avenue on sunny Saturday, October 13th, you saw how VID takes to the streets (or avenue) as an energized and vocal team registering voters, telling the news about our PA canvassing efforts, and taking donations for buttons, cookies and cakes.

Strollers dropped by to purchase Obama buttons to wear proudly upon their return to Ohio, Pennsylvania, Germany, Holland, Sweden and Brooklyn.  All of them were rooting for President Obama.  A typical refrain from overseas tourists was, “It would be a disaster for multilaterism if Romney were elected President.”

Celia Wu, Ellen Peterson, Katharine Wolpe, Frieda Bradlow, Alec Pruchnicki, Deley Gazinelli, Nadine Hoffmann, and Tony Hoffmann staffed the table and hawked our wares throughout the day. Georgina Christ brought her beautiful hats to contribute to the cause and Yayoi Tsuchitani and Keen Berger donated their home baked cakes, brownies and cookies to the delight of all.

In addition to signing up a new VID member, our team registered a few people for next year’s election (unfortunately, October 12th was this year’s deadline), sold $520 worth of buttons, cookies and cakes, campaigned seriously for the Obama/Biden ticket, pushed VID’s Pennsylvania campaign, enhanced VID’s visibility, and got to meet a lot of very nice people. A great day for VID.