VID Re-Elected Tony Hoffmann President

On Dec. 12th 2013, VID Re-Elected Tony Hoffmann President

In a sweeping and uncontested vote the membership endorsed Tony Hoffmann’s accomplishments on behalf of the Village Independent Democrats throughout the rough and tumble 2013 election year.  Included in his long list of those accomplishments were vigorous member outreach, fund-raising and on-line interaction with voters, elected officials and prospective candidates.  Tony was quick to praise Peter Crosta for his service as Chair of the 2013 Elections Committee, Nadine Hoffman, Chair of the Fundraising Committee and Nat Johnson, Chair of the Technology Committee for extraordinary support.  (See full meeting minutes here.)

VID re-elected tony hoffman president

Current and next President of VID, Tony Hoffman collects names in nomination for 2014 Vice Presidents.

Also elected at this meeting were three Vice Presidents:

Nat Johnson

Irene Kauffman

Katharine Wolpe

Election of VID’s remaining officers and Executive Committee members will be held on Thursday, January 9th, at 6:30 at St. John’s, 83 Christopher St.

Prospective candidates are urged to submit summaries of their qualifications which will be distributed to the membership prior to the meeting.  Members who have not renewed their membership are urged to do so.

For your reference here is the Information on VID-Voting & Elections from our Constitution.