VID General Meeting Minutes- January 2013


VID Members gathered on January 10 to hear Congressman Nadler and to vote for new officers and an Executive Committee

On January 10th VID members gathered for the 2013 Annual Meeting.  You can read the full VID General Meeting Minutes January 10 2013.

The meeting began with a report from District Leader Keen Berger updating on the progress of the proposed new school at 75 Morton St., an announcement regarding State Senator Brad Hoylman’s swearing in ceremony and an announcement about choosing the new Part A and Part B boundaries of the 66th election district.

Following Keen’s report was a typically thorough review of congressional politics from Congressman Nadler which you can  see in our previous post and summarized in the attached VID General Meeting Minutes.

The VID General Meeting Minutes also provide a thorough run down on the elections of that meeting as well as the reports of the newly formed 2013 Elections Committee, the Fund-Raising Committee and the Technology Committee.