2010 V.I.D. Roster of Officers and Exec Members:
V.I.D. election meeting on December 10, 2009 re-elected
William Stricklin – President
Jonathan Geballe – Vice Pres.
Lorne Gottesman – Vice Pres.
Tim McNerney – Vice Pres.
On January 14, 2010 the following V.I.D. officers were re-elected:
Kathy Jacobson – Treasurer
Celia Wu – Recording Secretary
Annette Zaner – Corresponding Secretary

The following were elected to the V.I.D. Exec Committee:
Frieda Bradlow
Yvonne Sherwell
John Bredin
Teresa Hommel
Ellen Peterson-Lewis
Sharon Woolums
Harold Stelter
Eli Hausknecht
Cormac Flynn
Mary Ann Carlese
Jim Fouratt
Georgina Christ
Connie Ress
Patrick Mahon
Katherine Wolpe