Special Endorsement Meeting

Special Endorsement MeetingVID Special Endorsement Meeting May 29th

There will be a General Membership Meeting, Tuesday, May 29th, 2018 @ 8 pm
LOCATION: Greenwich House – 27 Barrow St (4th Floor)

We will be holding a special endorsement meeting for the remaining candidates for the VID petitions.

A. Female District leader 66A 
   – New York requires that since the election was held by the county committee that the following year a primary must be held for the position.

B. Alternate Judicial Delegate
   – One of our alternate Judicial Delegates is not eligible to run in a Democratic Primary.  We need to select a replacement.

C. County Wide Judge 
     – The candidate we endorsed, Grace Park, dropped out so we will need to replace her.


1. Adoption of the Agenda 

2. Endorsement of the following positions
             i. Female District Leader – 66th Part A
             ii. Alternate Judicial Delegate
             iii. Civil Court-County Wide 
 3. Adjournment

A. A candidate in order to be endorsed by the VID must receive 50% plus one vote.
B. In the first round of voting if no candidate receives a majority, and no endorsement does not receive a majority of votes,  there will be a second round between the two top vote getters.
C. In the second round if no candidate receives a majority of the votes cast no endorsement will be the position of the VID.
D. No endorsement is always on the ballot and you can vote for No Endorsement on any round