March 2013 General Meeting and Immigration Reform Forum – UPDATE

Our March 2013 General Meeting will also include a Forum on Comprehensive Immigration Reform.  It will be held on March 14th at St. John’s Lutheran Church, 83 Christopher Street,  at 7:00 PM.

The agenda will include:

1.  District Leaders Reports– Keen Berger, Jonathan Geballe
2.  Forum– Comprehensive Immigration Reform: The Devilish Details
Facilitator-Keen Berger with Panelists To Be Announced
3.  Endorsements (In order to vote at this endorsement meeting you must have joined the
VID by December 14, 2012).

    • Female District Leader
    • Male District Leader
    • Delegates and Alternates To The NYS Judicial Convention

See the attached  VID Candidate Forum and Endorsement Schedule  for the offices of  Mayor, District Attorney, Pubic Advocate, City Council and Borough President.  For a complete rundown of VID Candidate Forums and endorsement meetings (including membership deadlines) read ______________  

4.  Report of Committee Chairs

  • Campaign- Peter Crosta & David Kruger
  •  Fundraising- Marti Speranza-
  • Nadine Hoffmann-
  • Technology- Nat Johnson & Lucia Fedora
  • Voter Registration/Community Outreach- Celia Wu
  • Earth Day Committee- Georgina Christ

5.  Resolutions

6.  New Business