National Affairs Committee

National Affairs

Given the stakes of the upcoming 2024 national elections, VID should seek opportunities to influence national Democratic policies and politics.

Ed Yutkowitz, Chair

 Our National Affairs Committee; 

  • Identifies emerging issues and ideas with national and international implications.
  • Seeks creative solutions for national problems.
  • Develops strategies by which VID can play a part in promoting these solutions.  

The National Affairs Committee addresses:

  • The rise of autocracy and assaults on voting rights and personal and press freedom.
  • How Democrats can better craft their message and use local and national media to reinvigorate their brand and promote their policies and politics. 
  • Expanding Democratic representation in Congress and the Senate.  

The Committee:

  • Invites expert guests to speak on a variety of subjects, such as public health, foreign policy, transportation, economics (including labor, trade, and changing work- and marketplaces), technology, and culture.
  • Provides a national perspective on issues of local concerns, including the environment, crime, immigration, and education.
  • Works with state and national Democratic elected officials and organizations to influence and strengthen their policy and communications strategies.

Are you interested in joining this Committee?  Have a question?  Send your message HERE.