Environment Committee

For many years VID has spearheaded action on the environment.  

Environment Committee Chair, Nat Johnson, Anne Heaney, and long-time VID member Frieda Bradlow have followed the issues of Fracking, Nuclear Power Plants and always recycling.  Additional panels and forums have addressed construction along the Hudson River Water Front and Environmental Impact Studies on the Hudson River.

Use the search bar to find summaries of panel discussions, forums on topics as “Spectra Pipeline,” “gas pipeline infrastructure,” “climate justice.” 

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2021 Agenda

Local Recycling, Composting and other quality of life Issues

New York City’s failing recycling program has led to an expensive regime of exporting garbage to incinerators.  In addition to a change in the behaviors listed below, we recommend a new beginning to establish a standard for extended producer responsibility as relates to electronics, batteries, and plastics, along with new recycling and composting efforts. We promote the 7 R’s of Sustainability: Rethink, Refuse, Reduce, Repurpose, Reuse, Recycle, Rot

      • Buy and use natural fabric. 
      • Limit the use of dryer sheets.
      • Use recycled or forest-friendly paper products that are not wrapped in plastic.
      • Limit the use of napkins; use cotton napkins
      • Avoid detergents packed in plastic containers, powder in boxes are preferred
      • Use reusable bags for bagging produce.
      • Use beeswax wraps.
      • Bows and wraps are not recyclable wrap items in recyclable paper like newspaper.
      • Use plant-based garbage bags
      • Use silicone bags vs single use plastic bags.
      • Compost Organics!
      • Reduce consumption of meat, dairy and Seafood
      • Reuse and repair when possible.
      • Buy rechargeable batteries
      • Buy items in recycled packaging.
      • Reduce food waste. 
      • Donate and recycle clothes
      • Buy less stuff!


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