Fundraiser for Campaign Bus Trips to PA

Tony and Nadine Hoffmann

VID is the lead organizer for a collection of our sister downtown clubs for Saturday bus trips to Pennsylvania to assist the Obama campaign in taking this crucial battleground state. The campaign trips will be taking place each Saturday beginning September 15.

To lower the cost of the individual rider contributions per trip from $25 to $10, VID will be doing some extra fundraising. (Other clubs will be helping out, too.)
Tony and Nadine Hoffmann are opening their home to an Obama Watch Party and Fundraiser on Thursday, September 6 — come see our President accept the nomination of the Democratic Party for a second term, and lead the way to another four years of Democratic leadership in the White House. Your contributions to our Pennsylvania bus trip canvassing effort are needed and welcome. We are a blue-rich state here in New York, let’s help out our fellow Dems in neighboring PA.
Location: Tony & Nadine Hoffmann, 100 Bank Street, Apt. 3D
Date: September 6, 2012
Time: 830 p.m. until ….
Light refreshments
Fundraising contributions accepted
Obama Watch Party and Fundraiser— print this out and send to your Dem friends who can help out with the fundraising.
Special thanks go to our Campaign Committee for this effort, and especially to Yayoi Tsuchitani, with substantial help from Tony Hoffmann, Nadine Hoffmann, Peter Crosta, new member Marti Speranza and Keen Berger.