Build the Blue Wave

The Blue Wave Isn’t Coming Without Hard Work.   Get On A Bus To PA October 6th and Other Congressional Districts on Following Saturdays.  There are only 37 days before the November 6th mid-term elections.  A blue Congress is in jeopardy, and the polls are getting tighter.  The Saturday, October 6 Vote Blue bus to NY 19 (Antonio Delgado) is full.  The bus to PA 7 (Susan Wild) is empty. We will not flip Congress with only NY congress members. PA 7 is actually closer to NYC than NY 19. Please sign up now to campaign for Susan Wild this Saturday.  […]

August 2018 Meeting

August 2018 Meeting Featured Updates from Congressman Jerry Nadler and Covered Primary Plans, Immigration, Environment and Gun Reform President Erik Coler opened the August 2018 Meeting with a request to insert the Immigration Resolution into the Agenda after the Committee Reports.  This was unanimously approved along with the rest of the Agenda.  He then announced there would be no September meeting as Primary Day falls on the normal second Thursday of the month and that that the County Committee meeting would most likely be held in the last week of August, according to Ben Yee. Keen Berger’s District Leader Report covered […]

VID September Meeting Cancelled

VID September Meeting Cancelled So that Members Can Get Out and Work on Campaigns.  There will be the usually scheduled Executive Committee Meeting, however.   Check the Calendar for dates and times.

UPDATE: Resolution Against Zero Tolerance Immigration Policy

VID Goes on Record Against Zero Tolerance Immigration Policy At the July Membership Meeting VID introduced and passed a resolution against Zero Tolerance Immigration Policy calling upon the Democratic leadership to enable seven steps for correction. The resolution (below) was revised in August, 2018, and is for distribution. Whereas the Trump administration’s “zero tolerance” policy has created an immigration and human rights catastrophe on our southern border, causing the separation and detention of families and children in inhumane and substandard conditions, Whereas the ACLU has filed lawsuits alleging that children have been housed in cages with insufficient medical care and subpar […]