Campaigning for Maya Wiley

Maya Wiley Campaigning at Abingdon Sq.

On a recent Saturday, (L to R) District Leader Jen Hoppe, VID co-president Mar Fitzgerald, and VID co-president Cameron Krause led campaigning for Maya Wiley for Mayor in Abingdon Square.

VID Starts Campaigning for Maya Wiley 

Running in a large field in the upcoming Democratic primary, Ms. Wiley is the choice of Village Independent Democrats (VID) for Mayor for her command of the issues and clear understanding of what New Yorkers need. As a result, VID is campaigning for Maya Wiley because she is the leader we need to lift us out of this pandemic and into a stronger, more equitable future.

The Democratic primary elections are on June 22.  Early voting starts June 12.  For the first time, the Mayoral race will feature ranked-choice voting, which will allow voters to choose their favorite candidates in order of preference.  

Primary 2021 Palm CardFor more information about VIDs endorsements and voting in the primary, see the club’s palm card  and our voter guide.

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Maya Wiley, Abingdon Sq.

Cameron Krause, VID Co Pres, Jonathan Geballe, and Campaign Chair Tony Hoffmann – Abingdon Sq.

For as long as anyone can remember, VID has campaigned in Abingdon Square for the club’s favored candidates.  Club members gather signatures on petitions, distribute campaign literature, and introduce neighborhood residents to the candidates.  It’s also an opportunity to see friends and neighbors and recruit new members to the club.

Abingdon Square, which hosts a greenmarket that attracts large crowds every Saturday, has become a popular place for all candidates running for office in Manhattan. 

VID campaigns virtually every Saturday morning prior to elections.  The club also campaigns on the east side of Manhattan, setting up a table with literature and greeting candidates in front of St. Mark’s Church, on 2nd Avenue and Stuyvesant Place.